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Getting Started With the Social Lending Network

Welcome to the Social Lending Network, where we provide a place for everyone to learn about social lending (also called peer to peer or p2p lending). Whether you have never heard of this new kind of lending or you are already an established investor of borrower you will find something for you here.

If you are not new you should go and check out the Best of the Social Lending Network where I have my most popular and important posts.


If you are a new borrower then I highly recommend you visit my special P2P Lending Borrower Resources page. Here you will find everything you need to know to put together a successful loan listing on Lending Club or Prosper.


There is also a special P2P Lending Investor Resources page that I recommend every investor check out. But if you are brand new to investing The Basics of P2P Lending

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed and don’t know where to start then read this blog post: How to Get Started with Peer to Peer Lending.

The next thing I would do is subscribe to my free ebook titled Understanding Peer to Peer Lending. You will not only get an easy to read overview of this topic but you will also get me special email newsletters which provides a different topic every week.

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