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My Returns at Lending Club and Prosper

Let’s face it, as investors we are most interested in returns. So, in keeping with the p2p lending spirit of transparency, I am sharing my own returns here for everyone to see. I started sharing my complete returns in January 2012 (for the calendar year 2011) and have been sharing them every quarter since then.

Below is a link to the full post explaining my returns in detail. In these posts there is a table breaking down each account and what my real world ROI is for each account. Speaking of ROI, I use Excel and the XIRR method to work out my ROI, this gives me a more accurate number than what is reported by both Lending Club and Prosper. So, next to each link below is the number for my real world ROI for all my accounts over the preceding 12 months.

2011 Q4 P2P Lending Returns: 8.12%

2012 Q1 P2P Lending Returns: 8.58%

2012 Q2 P2P Lending Returns: 9.57%


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