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Roundup of Social Lending News – April 28, 2012

by Peter Renton on April 28, 2012

Every Saturday I bring you the latest news from the world of peer to peer lending. These are the best of the news articles and blog posts from around the web that I shared on Twitter this past week.

We have many great articles here for your weekend reading. One of the most interesting articles from this past week was the Technode article about p2p lending in China. The author, Roger Ying, suggests that the p2p lending industry in China could be as large as the traditional banking system, as much as $1 trillion annually but most of that is “underground” and offline. As far as legitimate companies go the author claims there are more than 100 p2p lenders operating in China today, one of which was founded recently by Ying. Enjoy your weekend.

IFA Magazine (UK) - Credit Where It’s Due

This is Money (UK) - Savers’ real rates of return on social lending: How an income tax trap trims interest

Lucrative Lending - 14.23% Net Annualized Return Investing in P2P Loans with Lending Club

Wiseclerk (UK) - Zopa Will Offer More Loan Terms

Wall Street Oasis - Hedge Funds Move into P2P Lending

Lucrative Lending - Nickel Steamroller: Lending Club Portfolio Analysis Tool

The Fiscal Times - 4 Oddball Investment Ideas That Can Make You Money

Financial Times (UK) - Mack moves to cutting edge of P2P lending (free registration required)

TechNode - P2P Lending Industry and a Practioner’s Experiences in Entrepreneurship in China

CNBC - Why Small Businesses Can’t Secure Financing: Opinion

The Independent (Ireland) - New lending idea saves jobs and makes banks irrelevant

Learn Bonds - Which Company has the Best Peer to Peer Lending Returns?

Thomas DeLong – Prosper – April update: Seasoned returns are 24% y/y

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Louis Lamoureux April 30, 2012 at 6:16 am

I’m sorry, but posting about your ‘seasoned’ returns being 24.5% when your portfolio is less than a year old doesn’t do the P2P segment any favors. Peter, please leave these out of future Roundups.


Peter Renton April 30, 2012 at 5:33 pm

@Lou, With the weekly roundups I try to include articles that may be of interest to anyone involved in p2p lending. I will leave out an article if it is factually incorrect or adds nothing of value to the topic – but I thought the short article by Thomas DeLong was fine to include. There are few Prosper investors reporting their numbers compared with Lending Club so I like to include them when possible. And he made it clear that his current returns are trending around 15%.


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