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April was a Busy Month for P2P Lending Bloggers

by Peter Renton on April 29, 2011

I try and keep track of every article and blog post that mentions peer to peer lending in this country. I have been doing so since I took over this blog back in October last year. And April was certainly the busiest month I have seen in the blogosphere thus far.

P2P Lending Performance Updates

Many bloggers provided updates on their portfolios this month. This is usually quite useful as these bloggers usually provide some background behind their numbers and reveal some of their investment strategy. Here is a list of bloggers providing updates:

Investor Junkie – Lending Club update.

Greater Seas – Lending Club experience after one year.

Tiny Little Loans – Prosper and Lending Club update.

Lending Club PRIME Update – update of my wife’s PRIME IRA account.

Debt Free Adventure – borrower turned investor in Lending Club.

Bible Money Matters – detailed update and investing strategy on Lending Club.

Common Financial Cents – new investor who is using the trading platform to invest.

So Much Cooler Online – Prosper investor update.

The Q&A Change

April also brought about a change to the way questions and answers were handled on Lending Club and Prosper. This caused a flurry of articles to be written offering differing perspectives about the change.

Protecting Identity and Privacy – the blog post from Lending Club that prompted this whole discussion.

Lending Club Changes How Investors Can Ask Questions – my first article about the changes to the Q&A process.

Shutting Down My Lending Club Investments – from Matt at Steadfast Finances a detailed response on why he disliked this change so much.

Is Lending Club No Longer a Good Investment? – Investor Junkie asks the question and comes to a more positive conclusion about Lending Club.

The New Q&A Rules on Lending Club & Prosper Are … – my followup post to the 70+ comments from the first article.

Why Loan Descriptions and Q&A matter - from new blog Lending Club Modeling, some statistical analysis of loan descriptions and ROI.

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