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Small business owners across America continue to find it tougher than ever to secure the credit they need to grow their businesses. Banks continue to be reluctant to make small business loans, SBA loans require endless mountains of paperwork and even credit cards and home equity loans are tough to obtain as the great credit crunch continues. However, there is one thriving marketplace where lenders are eager to make small business loans. It's called peer-to-peer lending, where individuals make loans to each other, cutting out the banks and middlemen to result in easier access to credit and at great rates. Dozens or even hundreds of borrowers lend as little as $25 each to help fund loans for as much as $25,000. Marketplaces, like Lending Club a leading social lending site, handle the complete process, making approval, funding and repayment easy - especially when compared to the countless hoops your bank may make you jump through.

Applying for a peer to peer loan is easy; you can complete the process online in just a few minutes and you'll soon see lenders committing funds to your loan. Since borrowers and lenders work directly together, rates are often much lower than what a bank charges. While borrowers with excellent credit will of course receive the best rates, a few blotches on your credit history may not stop you from getting approved at a very competitive rate. Lending Club facilitates small business loans for $1,000 - $25,000 with an easy 36 month installment repayment schedule. There is no application fee and it only takes a few minutes to apply, so apply for a business loan with Lending Club now!

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"A few months ago I was drowning in credit card debt. I was struggling with my career and only able to make the minimum payments. Lending Club saved my finances and my family."

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"The debts I owed were like an anchor tied around my neck. I was terrified that I would have to declare bankruptcy. Now, thanks to Lending Club, I can finally sleep easier at night knowing that I'm once again financially free."